Crop tool: Inconsisteny in the User Interface

there is a small but annoying discrepancy in the user interface of PL.

If you use the crop tool, the cropping is also done if you just deselect the tool - and even if you hit ESC (!). This is very far from standard behaviour, and also not consistent to other tools.

For example, look at the perspective correction. Deselecting the tools renders the image unchanged, and of course hitting ESC does the same. To apply the correction, you need to explicitly set it (by button). I didn’t check ALL tools now, but this concept is pretty common - in PL as well as in many other programs.

Just the crop tool behaviour is different, strange, uncommon…

Agreed. You would expect that hitting Esc would cancel any changes.

Try putting this post into the " Which feature do you need? section so people can vote on it.

And don’t forget to vote for it yourself.

In fact, I think this is more a bug report than a feature request…

on my windows system it works like

So for me it’s like I expected it

Activating the Crop tool again I will have picture 3 again, until I select also the rectangle tool. Then I have picture 2

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I’ve just gone back to PL3 and hitting the Esc key does cancel the crop!!!

So, this is a change in PL4 and I would agree that it feels like a bug.

@StevenL is this intentional because, as mentioned by the OP, it is not expected behaviour

This must be a MacOS bug only as in Win10 20H2 it works as expected.

The problem is that Esc is used to turn off any tool (crop, local adjustments, hue picker…) that’s been left active while preserving the work done. Having a different behavior just for crop would be quite messy. Another shortcut to turn off tools would be a better solution, in appearance, in most people’s mind and mine, “ESCape” has become synonymous of canceling. Now, changing something that is so fundamental to PL’s behavior may cause more problem that it solves; there are workarounds, like returning the crop panel to “auto”.

But this different Esc behaviour has only just come in with PL4. PL3 works as expected and cancelled.

Good then since the modification should not break old habits.

Nope, I am using Windows, and this is where I noticed this bug.

Since I am pretty sure that the exact windows version will not influence the reaction of a program on the ESC key: are you really sure that hitting ESC on your keyboard (that somehow separated key at the upper left corner) cancels a crop operation, discarding the previously drawn crop?

Take care that we are not talking about deactivating a tool (in the palette), but about hitting the ESC key at the keyboard to cancel an operation - or deselecting a tool in the tool bar at the upper edge of the screen.

I did not try using Esp button but just deactivating the crop tool as your OP stated.
You are correct that Esc button does apply the crop, which is strange.

Please see my reply to Guenterm: I was talking about deselecting a tool, not deactivating it.
See the toolbar right above the image window (crop, pipette, perspective etc.).

I’ve just run through all the tools on the top bar and hitting Esc when any of them are active does apply whatever tool is active instead of, as the keyboard shortcut panel says, cancelling the current edit…

Also, I can’t get the “Move active slider…” shortcut to work. All hitting the arrow keys does is to change the current image being edited.

@StevenL has this been added to the list for PL5?

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If it’s the same as the Win version of PL, Joanna - you must first apply focus to the control (by clicking on the slider) … in the manner of: “Hey you - do this”.


I’ve tried that with the sliders for the repair/clone tool. Click once on the slider (optionally move it) then start pressing the arrow keys. All that happens on my Mac is that the selected image changes.

The repair/clone tool doesn’t have any sliders (??) - - at least, not on the Win version.

The ability to incr/decr slider values using the arrow-keys applies to sliders on the tool palette(s) … provided you first apply focus to the tool you intend to adjust.

John M

I can confirm that the arrow keys work correctly (Win version). After clicking once at any tools slider, the arrow keys change the value by +/- 1. However, I normally use the mouse wheel instead…

I just triple-checked and, no matter what slider is last used, it is not marked as “focussed” or “being edited” and, consequently, all that pressing arrow keys does is to change the selected image. Scrolling the mouse wheel just scrolls whatever is behind the mouse pointer.

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Hi @Joanna,
Yes, it should work but it’s not (on Mac).
I’m going to report it :+1:

Thanks a lot!