Crop tool : constrain rectangle within source image boundaries

When crop tool is used, a new manual placement mode constraining the recteangle to the area occupied by source image pixels.

This new mode would disallow moving the target rectangle outside of the image (rendered black in the tool canvas).

Existing unconstrained mode would still be retained.

I like this idea. Too often, the automatic crop modes don’t maximize the cropped area or position it where I want it to be. Being able to quickly and easily push the crop boundaries out to the edges of a rotated & perspective-corrected image without having to zoom in at every corner and make careful micro-adjustments would be very helpful. It would need to be a mode that is easily turned on and off, because I also like to freely crop an image beyond its borders and paint in the missing parts.


Yes, that’s a key requirement, Greg - 'cos, as you point out, there are situations where the absolute “free-form” of current behaviour is an advantage.

John M

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I edited the top posting to clarify this is a new, additional mode.

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