Crop, Rotate & Composition Overlay

(alberto) #1

I think that it could be usefull to have the possibility to rotate an image simply by dragging a corner of the cropping form (similar to ACR or LR) and in the same tool , i found really usefull also to have some other cropping overlay guides and not only the simple rule of thirds.

in this case i found that the ACR method its perfect and its one of the few things i’m missing from LR.

(Pascal) #2

For my part, I have never understood why are you gathering these two dufferent functions !
Horizon is a very precise and efficient tool.
We must not to be disturbed when we use it.

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(Stefan Goldkuhle) #3

I agree.
It’s very simple and precise to use.
Just activate the grids, simply pressing “g” and then using the horizon tool with it’s possibilities of fine Tuning.

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(alberto) #4

The Horizon tool is a total different tool, there’re a lot of situation where you could need to rotate the image without using the horizon tool or the horizon in the reference.I’m totally not disturbed using horizon tool and i use it every time i need.
But in this case i was speaking about a very different tool

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(alberto) #5

and i was also speaking about the overlay possibilities like for example LR method.

i found it very usefull

(Alec Kinnear) #6

I loathe the clunky Photoshop/Lightroom method which seizes up the display most of the time on a large image and won’t stop at a precise point, requiring the photographer to try again and again to get the adjustment right until finally s/he gives up and does the final adjustment by numbers.

The horizon tool separated from the crop tool together with autocrop is really fast and efficient. One of my favourite pieces of PhotoLab.

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(alberto) #7

The horizon tool separated from the crop tool together with autocrop is really fast and efficient. One of my favourite pieces of PhotoLab.

yes i agree, i love it too.But in LR by dragging the cropping box you can do it all at the same time, cropping, composition with overlay suggest and rotating, why not the same or something similar in PL?

(Mark) #8

If I understand your requirements correctly it can be accomplished in PhotoLab by using the 90 degree rotation tool along with the Horizon tool. Yes, its more work and requires two different tools to get the end result, but I’ve always found corner rotation handles very difficult to use if the goal is to achieve a specific and repeatable rotation angle. Using the rotation feature and the Horizon tool together seems to provide easily repeatable angles.


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(alberto) #9

thanks for the suggest, but … ehm… no it’s not my solution. I never had need to rotate by 90° or similar.
I only would like to rotate how much i want by simply dragging the corner of the cropping frame and not only by using the horizon tool.
I use the horizon tool a lot of time, but sometimes i don’t have an horizon (there are a lot of things to shot instead a landscape) and i would like to rotate the image as much as i want and looking immediately to the increasing rotation.

Now in PL is possible to do it with the horizon slider in the pallette, but it is really unconfortable.

(Mark) #10

It’s unfortunate that it;s uncomfortable for you. I have no problem precisely rotating images exactly as I need them and don’t miss the very imprecise corner handles from other applications.


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(Peter) #11

I asked some time ago the feauture auto grid.
Now you need to ctrl g to see the grid, and would like a grid which automatic appears and disapears using manual horizon correcrion.
This grid helps to get the horizon visual correct.


It is easy to change the angle of the horizon in steps of 1 ° with the wheel of the mouse after clicking on the cursor. And then refine in steps of 0.01 ° with the up / down arrows to the right of the cursor. It’s extremely accurate!