Cost implications of choosing not to upgrade

Suppose I was to decline this year’s upgrade from PL3 to PL4. What would happen this time next year?

I know there would be no technical problems with upgrading from PL3 to PL5 but what about pricing ‘problems’? As an owner of PL3 would I still be offered PL5 at the upgrade price, or because I’d stepped over PL4, would I have pay full price for PL5?



If you had several earlier versions, you could check your DxO store account. You can see upgrade prices in there.

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Thanks but that doesn’t help. I bought PL2 full price, I paid the upgrade price to go from PL2 to PL3 so I have no pricing history that covers the scenario I posed:

  • If I choose to NOT to pay the upgrade price from PL3 to PL4, when PL5 comes out, will I be eligible for PL5 at the upgrade price, or will I have to pay full price?


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While I cannot speak for the future, I have a license for PL2 Essential which I got free when I purchase the license for an earlier version of the Nik collection. I never installed PL2 Essential since I have always had licenses for the Elite version. When I upgraded PL3 Elite to PL4 Elite I noticed on my account page I was also eligible to upgrade to PL4 from my PL2 license, albeit at a higher upgrade cost. That suggests to me that you will be able to upgrade from PL3 to PL5 at less than full price.

If you are in the US, keep in mind, before upgrading to PL5 that the price might be considerably lower if you wait until Black Friday to purchase. I don’t know if Black Friday price reductions are available outside the US.



…suggests to me that you will be able to upgrade from PL3 to PL5 at less than full price.

Thanks, I understand that ‘suggests’ will be as good as it gets. No one has a crystal ball that actually works and DxO are unlikely to make a public commitment about future discounting policy :slight_smile:


I skipped the PL2 upgrade and was able to upgrade from 1 to 3 at the same price as everybody else.

Of course in the future this may be different, but I honestly do not expect DxO to change this policy. As far as I know it didn’t even change in the transition from OpticsPro to PhotoLab.

I agree. This is not an update one should ignore. I too thought on first reading about it, it didn’t seem all that big a deal. However, when I DLed the trial and tried it is was a stunner. It is better in every way from PL 3. Nor will a glance at the new features really impart the full quality of the update. The new workflow is a huge time saver and the simplicity of it makes it easier to work with the program.

DeepPRINE is a magical addition. Its hard to believe how really good it is.
I highly recommend this upgrade.


This is the key of Prime.
It working on more data then applications which are denoising after demosiacing.
So it can be digging deeper for the real data , aka clean image, and deleting the noise before creating a RGB based image in a smaller colorspace.

Hi @stuck ,

Our current policy offers you the same ugrade price even if you have skipped some versions.

I can’t guarantee you that our policy will never change in the future, but this what DxO offers to you today. Also, remember that besides having a 30 days free trial of the ELITE version (fully functional with no restrictions), we also provide a ‘grace period’ of 30 days, meaning for instance that if you bought PL3 just one month before the official release of PL4, you are eligible for a free upgrade to PL4.



Thank you @StevenL. I fully understand that DxO cannot guarantee future pricing policy but I appreciate the clarification.

@gregor and others waxing lyrical about DeepPRIME

I appreciate DeepPRIME is special magic but with my photographic skills and using a Canon 90D at no more than ISO 200, noise is the least of my problems so in my case it might not be worth upgrading to PL4 :smiley:

edited to add: Also my PC has no dedicated graphics card, only in-board Intel graphics and I do not have the budget to add a separate graphics card that would be of real use with DeepPRIME