Corrections for Nikon Body & Canon lens

I’m using my Nikon Z6 together with a few Canon lenses adapted with the fringer ef-nz adapter. Photolab doesnt recognize this combination and i cannot find a way to request it either?
Is three any way to activate this combination?

Since this is a very unusual combination, I very much doubt if DxO would be able to get hold of all the necessary hardware to conduct the necessary tests, especially for the relatively few people who would want it. But you could always put in a feature request and see if anyone else votes for it.

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I´m not sure it is that an unusual usecase, adapters are performing really well for general photography. I dont think there is any additional hardware needed, the only added parameter is that the combination is of two different OEM manufactured Body and Lens and not OEM body and third party lens.
The Body are available and the lenses are available, its just the combination of them that is not possible atm.

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Let me ask @Marie to have a look at your request and reply.

Svetlana G.

It will become an endless pool of possible body/lens scenarios. And for sure the next question will be “why stop on Canon lenses?”, why not also Leica glass and Mamiya big size lenses, not to mention the amount of T/S lenses or Laowa’s “100% EXIF-free” inventions? And on one moment DxO needs to rent or buy a guarded warehouse to store all their inventory, together with all possible adapters. I pity the person who has to do these lens tests, there’s not much more boring work to do.

Also, try to find your combinations in any other RAW-converter. Don’t you think there’s a reason why exotic combinations are no big need? Ok, Nikon still suffers of “not enough decent mirrorless glass” for their bodies, but well, you knew that before you bought a Z 6? I thought they’d come up quicker and with a bigger variety, but ball they can is more 50 mm and other double, triple, quadruple variations of the same FL range or doing a 100-400 which costs more than the costly 70-200/2.8 and converter. So, I didn’t want to have a rather good body and wait another half decade until they come out with glass varieties I’d like and the question remains would I buy more of their rather high-priced stuff? To me the Z was worth a try, but not all experiments succeed.

Thanks Svetlana for checking the possibility, much apprechiated🙂
@JoJu , i dont think any new profiling of lenses or bodies are needed, just enable the combinatios.

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Hello @MatsLe ,

I think it’s the first time we get this request but we’ll have a look as this ring adaptor seems to have the electronic contacts that allows to get all necessary Exif information we need.