Continual display of the filename

Say in the window title, or somewhere, when in edit mode.
Most of my filenames are longer than the thumbnail displays, so I have to hover the mouse and wait for the popup. Tedious.
I process three raw file formats and have to know which is the current one.

Agreed, file name display can suffer depending on the file name length and the hight of the film strip. Several possibilities exist and other applications can show how it can be done. It‘s a simple matter of how much resources are going into which area.
I strongly feel that usability aspects could use some boost

I agree that a better display of the file name would be nice, but with so many more important things to address I don’t think I want to use one of my very limited votes to support an upgrade to this feature.


Sometime a developer needs to change his/her mind. It’s good to have some small tasks to do too.
Also when it goes about usability it should have the same priority as the big feature. My opinion.

Hi Ziggy - - This was discussed some time ago - see here.

A minor improvement was made at the time - now, the file-extension/file-type is always displayed, even for long filenames - but, it could be a lot better … that is, more of the filename displayed, for long names.

Regards, John M

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Thanks John.
That post is is 9 months old :wink:

This task require a gestation time :smiley:

heheh… and it’s a nice baby.

Good morning, guys :),

I’ve sent the message to the team to see if it could be a “quick” fix or not.

Svetlana G.

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Thought it had been delivered.

In Customize, with a single height film strip along the bottom, the file name is displayed between the strip and the image (latest Win version).

That’s correct ! - - This used to be truncated, and I had not consciously noticed this enhancement ! … even tho I have been using it on a regular/daily basis !!

In which case, Ziggy - - Why is this a feature requirement for you ?

Regards, John M

An addition. Show the full path too. One of the first things I do in Windows file browser, showing the full path.
I archive my pictures in directory structure based on date but I’ve 2 main directories. I can’t see on the file name in which one and have to look in the thumbnail info.