Continual display of the filename

Hi Ziggy - - This was discussed some time ago - see here.

A minor improvement was made at the time - now, the file-extension/file-type is always displayed, even for long filenames - but, it could be a lot better … that is, more of the filename displayed, for long names.

Regards, John M

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Thanks John.
That post is is 9 months old :wink:

This task require a gestation time :smiley:

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heheh… and it’s a nice baby.

Good morning, guys :),

I’ve sent the message to the team to see if it could be a “quick” fix or not.

Svetlana G.

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Thought it had been delivered.

In Customize, with a single height film strip along the bottom, the file name is displayed between the strip and the image (latest Win version).

That’s correct ! - - This used to be truncated, and I had not consciously noticed this enhancement ! … even tho I have been using it on a regular/daily basis !!

In which case, Ziggy - - Why is this a feature requirement for you ?

Regards, John M

An addition. Show the full path too. One of the first things I do in Windows file browser, showing the full path.
I archive my pictures in directory structure based on date but I’ve 2 main directories. I can’t see on the file name in which one and have to look in the thumbnail info.


Just noticed that if you detach/uncouple the browser/filmstrip in Customize there is nowhere on the screen where the file name is displayed.
And as an aside the browser window doesn’t follow Win conventions - viz, if I’m working in the browser and then click on the Customize window, the browser stays on top. If Customize is the active window with the browser still open, minimising the Customize window also minimises the browser. These quirks rather diminish the benefit of uncoupling.

Hmmm… just above your image is where you’ll see your file name above tool panel.
You can even see more on those screenshot of workspace.

Not on mine. Are you using the IoS version? Which palettes do you have open?

I’m on mac not windows. I looked at those on the link and seem Windows don’t see it, all mac os has it on top bar above tool bar.
I can’t check but is there an option in “view” or “setting” to enable it on Win os?

There’s an option to have the image name always displayed in the browser. Can’t see anything for the customize window.


On Windows it looks like this:

Svetlana G.

Yes. Thank you. I’m aware the thumbnail strip has it. I need to be clearer - when the strip/browser is detached, the Customize windows doesn’t, for the file you’re working on.
I do that often as thumbnails clutter the screen on my desktop and take up too much space on my 13" laptop.
I need to know the file type mainly, as I use several different RAW formats and approach them differently in editing. My file naming convention also tells me some things to expect when I edit.

This important point was already pointed out several time.

And we took it into account and will decide how to do that in a better way.

Svetlana G.

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Suggestions of possible places to continuously display filename and folder (path) :

1, along with EXIF data in Metadata palette
2. just above the image frame in the gray background

Hello @pierre5018,

Thank you for the suggestion. Let me invite @StevenL to have a look at it and see how we can improve it.

Svetlana G.

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Please also look at the support ticket #228477 [Support & Assistance] .

I would like to discuss two related issues in the customize tab:

  1. In the image viewer section, continual display of the name of the photo displayed especially when the image browser section is hidden.
  2. In the image browser section, display of the selected image filename, when the selection is made using the keyboard arrow keys, rather than by the mouse.