Confirmation of "undo"

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It may have been up before; but I really miss a “History Panel/Tab” like like the one found in PS and LR.
Using Ctrl-Z is not very intuitive or “workable” as You cannot see, what You are doing.

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Carsten, there’s a long discussion of history tab (more than one). Before posting to a forum it’s usually better to use search and read and join the existing discussion.

Short answer, there’s no need for a history tab in PhotoLab as you can just turn panels on/off. There’s also the option to create a virtual variant if you want to freeze a particular look just in case.

@sgospodarenko Would it be possible to merge this with existing discussion and delete this post? The forum risks becoming very cluttered with duplicate posts.

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I very much disagree on that, as I don´t want a “work-around”, but the real stuff as known from PS and LR. For me it matters.
And when You say, that there are numerous threads about this subject, there must be a demand, right?

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Hello Carsten,

a forum meber - IanS - sums it up pretty well why DXO does not have a history panel:

"A history panel is a normal feature for a pixel editor like Photoshop. This is needed because each adjustment builds on the previous one and the order of making adjustments is fundamental.

DXO-PL 2 is a parametric based raw converter. With a parametric editor you are just recording the instructions to be applied but they are not actually applied until you export the raw file to a RGB image. Therefore the order of adjustments does not have any meaning.

So for example in a pixel editor if you start off by adjusting contrast and then later on think I need less contrast you can step back to the contrast adjustment in history and change the contrast. Unfortunately, this will then mean that you have to do all of your other adjustments again. Not a good way to work.

In DXO-PL 2 if you started with a contrast adjustment and then later on want to reduce contrast you just do that and you still retain all of your other adjustments.

A history function is vital in a pixel editor but not required in a parametric editor. Why would you want to loose all of the adjustments after a history point when you don’t have to?

I hope this helps explain why DXO-Pl 2 does not have a history function.


Here is the full thread: Confirmation of "undo"

So what Alex is describing is NOT a work-around.

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Thank you for the reply, but Lightroom (from which the picture comes), is a Parametric (Non-Destructive) Editing piece of software too in contrast to Photoshop.

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We understand your position Carsten
But DxO isn’t a Adobe product and works in a different way.
As already said, with user experience all applied settings are clear :wink:

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@Marie @sgospodarenko Marie/Svetlana could you please merge this with the existing discussion as multiple discussions of the same issue is a great waste of time to those of us who want to contribute to the community. It also looks very messy to new users and means more to clean up when there is bad information.

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Svetlana G.

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