Command line options to start and control processing the images

It is great that I can send files in through the command line, but I would also like to have some simple possibilities for automation for better integration in DAM software:

Start the export at once:
-export hq/prime/deepprime

Select the quality
-quality jpg/dng/tiff

Select the output directory
-output some_directory

Select a suffix for the new files
-suffix some_text

Change the overwrite mode (right now only “suffix” exists)
-overwrite yes/skip/suffix

Send the processed files to a given program:
-sendto some_application

Close PureRAW when done:

This is a very good idea but needs to be a feature request that people can vote for!

Thank you for the hint - but how do I do create a feature request? I already have the post tagged as “DxO PureRAW / Which feature do you need”

Under DxO PhotoLab you will see a section named “Which feature do you need?”. Create a request here and it will allow people to vote for this feature.

I guess the problem is that this is a feature request for PureRAW, not PhotoLab and, unlike the PhotoLab forums, this forum, entitled “PureRAW | Which feature do you need?” doesn’t have the same ability to vote. @sgospodarenko is this something you can tackle?