Colour Space question: Which "working space" are Nik Collection tools using?

I’ve just been reading an excellent article explaining the concept of colour spaces: sRGB vs Adobe RGB vs ProPhoto RGB -

Section 4 of this article (Working Space vs Output Space) talks about the importance of using the least restricting colour space in your post-processing software … which leads me to the following questions;

  • Which colour space do the Nik Collection tools use as their working space ?
  • When exporting to, say, Color Efex Pro (eg. from PhotoLab), which ICC profile am I best to use ?

Note: See related question (from PhotoLab perspective): Colour Space question: Which colour space is PhotoLab using as its “working space”?

Regards, John M

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The Nik Collection works with tiffs or jpegs, not raw files, so it uses the colourspace that has been baked into the file by the raw converter.

Since PhotoLab’s internal working colour space is limited to Adobe RGB, I’d export a 16-bit Adobe RGB tiff to Color Fx, etc.


Thank you, @sankos - - That’s exactly the info I was looking for.

Regards, John M