Colour cast on Canon 90D .CR3 files

Hello @stuck,

if you can provide us an example with a portrait it would be great.
Photos provided are only for test purpose and won’t be used for other purpose.


Umm, that is harder than it sounds, as it’s made me realise I’ve really got any portraits using my 90D. The nearest I can do is a landscape with a person in the foreground. I’ll see if I can get something else over this weekend.

Meanwhile, I’ve uploaed IMG_209.CR3.


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Hello @stuck,

thanks for new image.

We will work on the problem soon.


I’ve been fiddling with another landscape image (that I can up load if you want) that suggest the problem has something to do with the way PL is interpreting the colour temp.

If I open the image and use the DxO Standard preset, the colour temp is set at 6014 K with a tint of 9 and the image has a yellow cast. If I then use the dropper and pick a bit of grey sky with RGB values of 184,186,195 and use that to set the white bal. the RGB values even out to 188, 187, 188 and the image becomes really yellow.

HOWEVER! If I reset to DxO Std preset and then pick a bit of white sky (250,248,245) and use that, again the RGB values balance out (251,251,251) but this time the yellow cast disappears and the colours look good.

Let me know if you want a copy of this image file.


All images with no preset start with a wb of 5400, tint is now 1. Strange, it seems to be a fixed value.


I just opened a picture. In references no preset is added. WB 5400, tint 0.
Added the standard preset and wb 5260 tint 1.
Changed back to no preset and wb is still wb 5260 tint 1???. Any preset I use will give 5260 and 1. The only way to get back the 5400 and 0 is by restarting PL.
Rather strange things happen. It’s not consequent.


@Marie Further experimentation and a bit of Googling led me to this post on dpreview:
Given that I have created a dual illuminant .DCP colour profile for a Canon 90D and set that as my default rendering in PL. So far, this has been the best starting point for processing my .CR3 files in PL.

I hope this helps,


@George I don’t see what your posts have to do with the topic of this thread, which is the very specific problem of PL not rendering .CR3 files from a Canon 90D correctly.

@Marie I’m not sure if you saw my question, asking you if you wanted a copy of another file, since I only quoted part of your last post and did not explicitly mention you using the ‘@’ tag.


Due to “post moderation” my last two edits are switched.
I think the problem is the wb tool. It starts with a wrong initial value when using “no preset”.
In my case all pictures start with an color temp of 5400 which is the value when I choose “manual”. My wb setting says “as shot” but the value belongs to “manual”. However when I change the setting to whatever and return, then the wb becomes more “as shot”.
Maybe that’s why I felt uncomfortable using “no preset”. I rarely change the color temp.
Why doesn’t “manual” start with a value of “as shot”?

From the manual
The default choice is Original, which corresponds to the white balance of the camera used to shoot the image. Manual or Custom mode isautomatically selected as soon as you use the Color temperature or Tint sliders
I suppose “Original” means “As Shot”.



I’m of course interested in more files for testing.


@Marie OK, I’ve uploaded IMG_0287.CR3. In that image, applying DxO’s standard preset and generic renderings:

  1. If you set the WB using the dropper on either the strip of white sky on the left hand side OR you zoom right in on the white hawthorn blossom on the right hand side, the greens are much less yellow and look about right.

  2. If you set the WB on the darkest grey bit of the sky, along the top, the greens are much too yellow.

Alternatively, if I still apply standard preset but use the dual illuminant DCP file I created as described above for the rendering and:
a) increase ‘protect saturated colours’ to 100
b) leave the WB ‘as shot’
then again the greens look about right.

NB It only seems to be greens that are not rendered correctly. For example, I have an image of a white swan sitting on its nest, with no obvious greens anywhere in the image and that one looks fine using the DxO standard preset plus generic renderings.


Hello @stuck,

thanks for the image and details.
We will look into it.


@Marie can you save whether or not this 90D / CR3 colour cast problem will be corrected as an update to PL3 or will it only available in PL4, which I presume is due fairly soon?

I hope not the latter. I’ll be seriously disappointed if the only way to get a patch to a fault in PL is to have to pay money for it.



I have the Canon M6 MkII which uses the same sensor as the 90D and also found the colour was not quite right (slightly yellow). What I did was change the “Color Rendering” to “Neutral color, factory tonality” and the colours changed to almost identical to the embedded JPG.

I only use compressed RAW files which are also .CR3 files.

I have this as a preset for when I need it.

Hope this helps.

…Canon M6 MkII which uses the same sensor as the 90D…

Err, no it doesn’t. The 90D has a 33MP sensor, the 6D mk ii only has a 26MP sensor

…change the “Color Rendering”…

Yes, I too discovered that the various options with in color rendering sometimes help mitigate this problem. However as far as I can see mitigate is all they do. I find it really hard to fully solve the problem.

I hope DxO can improve their handling of .CR3 files because it was a massive disappointment to me when, after several years of using DxO with .CR2 files from a venerable Canon 400D, I came up against this problem with my new Canon 90D.


Stuck, it seems you have mistaken the 6D Mark II for the M6 Mark II. :upside_down_face: So many options these days.

oops, can’t read

I have done that myself before :hushed: Still, I did not find the colour that far off so it is not really an issue for me.

I can send you one of my photos of you wish to compare with yours.

Yes, I’m deliberately repeating my entire post because I didn’t get an answer from @Marie.

Mind you, a lack of response doesn’t surprise me, it just confirms a frequent gripe about DxO, they only reply when it suits them, not their customers.

Perhaps I if I add that I am unlikely to spend any more money with DxO until this gross colour rendering problem is fixed that might make DxO listen?


Your observation here seems to suggest that the problem is not with PL per se - but with PL’s processing of your 90D RAW file via its standard preset.

I’ve noticed a similar difference between RAWs from my Olympus vs Sony cameras … In my case, I found a good middle ground by using a specific Color Rendering, instead of the camera default. (In my case; Camera Body, DxO One … which I apply as my personal standard preset, replacing the “DxO Standard” preset).

Regards, John M