Color grading / Split Toning improvements

I’m really enjoying PhotoLab 5 having moved over from an older version of Lightroom, but there’s one feature I’ve really noticed the absence of:

A better developed way of color grading / split toning or as another user posted recently: “Shadows, mid-tones and highlights can’t be addressed individually in the HSL panel”.

I don’t mind which way that’s approached but really notice a lack of fine tuning there vs. other software on the market right now.

Is there any word on development in this area?

Split toning(shadows and highlights) is available if you have licenses for both Photolab 5 Elite and Filmpack 6 Elite.

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Thanks Mark, do you mean the “Style - Toning” section?

I do have access to that but find it’s not as functional as some of its counterparts on the market:

Here’s Lightroom:

And CaptureOne:

And here’s what I’ve got in DXO:

Yes. Click on the Sepia Gold or Ferric Sulfate box and a dropdown menu will appear. Choose the Custom option and your choices will appear. It may not look quite as fancy as the LR or C1 versions, but it is very effective. Have fun!

color grading and split toning are two different tools, not to be confused.

the split toning tool in PL is really limited to few colors and to open more you need filmpack, which is still very limited and not even close to those screenshot you got from Lr and C1.

Screen Shot 2022-01-11 at 11.09.02

Got you, I do have access to that but am finding it’s just not as robust as I was hoping for! I’d like to see a more developed module for that (and ideally not have to buy the Filmpack to access it, though as it happens I already have that… I don’t think it’s fair to ringfence core functionality in that way).

Thanks mikerofoto - sounds like we have basic split toning here but not color grading?

(In other words: Color grading isn’t a functionality that DxO currently has)?

This feature request already exists here and can be voted for:

Hope that helps.

if you look at your screenshot, you can see split toning is composed of highlight and shadow that only hue and saturation can be adjust, then a “balance” to add more or less on one side over the other.

Color grading has highlight, shadow and midtone, which have more control on hue and saturation adding balance and blending ability.

Looking at my screenshot (fp5), you can see colours are limited to 6 colours to choose from, not a full hue range, maybe fp6 has full range but I haven’t tried it or looked at.

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so far the Windows version (PL5)

with “Custom” introduced by FP6