Color Efex Pro 5 crashing on Mac, not on Windows

M1 MacBook Pro running Monterrey 12.4. When launched from PhotoLab 5, Color Efex Pro 5 crashes after a few clicks on a filter. Every time. A dialog box pops up with the crash report and asks if I want to send it to Apple, which I do (all 12 times). However, Color Efex Pro 5 does NOT crash when launched from Lightroom - I can make and apply adjustments, but the opacity slider on each filter in does not work - it’s either all (100%) or nothing (anything other than 100%).

I haven’t seen any other mention this issue - is it just on me? The other Nik plugins appear to be working properly.

BTW, I also use Nik plugins on a Windows 11 computer, and Color Efex Pro 5 does not crash when launched from PhotoLab, and the opacity slider on the filters works properly.

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No it’s not just you. SFX and CFX crash randomly on my M1 Mac no matter where I launch them from. They are unusable.

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Same here. I’m on the M1 Max MacBook in Monterey and PS2022. ColorEfex often crashes but not all the time if I limit the number of filters I use. It is better since I installed 5.1. Analog crashes. I have not tried any of the others. I use Nik as a plug-in, not stand alone.Tech support is hardly supportive. No phone number. Last helper who responded was not even on a Mac.She sent me some gobbly gook that felt like it was written by an engineer in Japan.

Same issue here. NIK 5 crashes often in
PS22. Didn’t have this issue with nik 4. Think it must be a software bug in
NIk 5.

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It crashes for me constantly in Lightroom, Photoshop and the Stand Alone App.

Same here, crashing on my Mac Studio. Also, even while it’s working, the image view window jitters when I move a slider or tap the compare button.

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Nik 4 was far more stable / usable. I can’t even get back into smart filters in PS 2022 to revise Nik 5 edits in Color Efex. It just shows a progress bar at 50% and hangs. Very unprofessional considering the cost of upgrading the product. Sure things have bugs, no software is perfect. But this is not usable.