Clarification needed--does Nik 3 work with PL3?

Advertising for NIk 3 update only mentions Photoshop and Lightroom.

Does it work with Photolab 3? Is the upgrade worth it for non-Adobe users?


Yes, it certainly does - if your PhotoLab 3 is up-to-date. Strange that the release notes only mention PhotoLab as an afterthought, and not PhotoLab 3 in particular.

The compatibility is similarly suggested at the bottom of these pages:

Is it worth it for non-Adobe users? I think we must each decide for ourselves. I suppose it’s especially compelling if you don’t already have ViewPoint and FilmPack. Like all software, it also has certain problems and limitations that affect how much I use it. Even though I have the whole Photo Suite, I use the Nik Collection sometimes and would rather have it than not.

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You can use the Nik Collection 3 non-destructively (except for Perspective Efex) from within ProtoLab 3. Here is the link with instructions. Perspective Efex is a renamed version of the Viewpoint 3 standalone program but without the license to activate the Viewpoint palette in PhotoLab.



What is the reason Perspective Efex is not non-destructively? It is in PL so why not in Nik?
Basicly these plug-ins are stand-alone programs. You can open them from everywhere if the host program has a function like “open with” or from the command-line. Problems with other programs arise when they can’t read the ouput of the Nik3 files.


Excellent info and links. Thanks so much.

Just what I needed. Thanks. Off to upgrade!