Chromatic Aberation

I hijacked ‘’Workflow ACR to DxO and back to ACR’’ thread with my problem so I think it would be better if I open a new thread.

I have a problem how to remove chromatic aberation in DxO.

Here is a link to a fresh RAW file. This RAW file was not opened in any program. The RAW file was copied from SD card to HDD and then uploaded from HDD straight to Google Drive.

This image is only a test image. I’m not interested in blown areas, natural look, micro contrast, local adjustments or any other things. I would just like to remove purple and green fringe.

Below is a 100% printscreen of a RAW file. I marked with arrows what I would like to remove in DxO Photolab.

Is there anyone who can help me with this? It must be my lack of knowledge. I bet there is a tool I’m not aware of and this fringe can be removed in a few seconds.

Thanks for the answer and best regards.

Dear @m9k,

just a quick test and view must be greater then 70%



Dear Guenterm;

Thanks for the help.
Yes indeed; you need to blow the image to 75% or more to see the effect.
I just adjusted the sliders in DxO to max and exported the image to Photoshop. There is some green left on 21 and 17 number but much better then my attempt.

Hello m9k,
having used the very same camera and lens combination, DxO’s lens correction was already automatically applied. I set the Chromatic Aberration values like Guenterm proposed and simply removed some of the leftover color cast with control points - see the enclosed dop-file.

Unfortunately, wide open this very sharp lens is prone to this sometimes annoying colour shift (same with thef1,4 F-lens), but easier to remove in PL than in LR.
have fun, Wolfgang
DSC_7438.NEF.dop (10,3 KB)

Dear @Wolfgang,

how did you remove the green colorcast with controlpoints because there is no Option like HSL wheel, which would be a good option.
With HSL Wheel choosing two types of green it works but the greens will be gone in whole picture.

I don’t work with dop files at the moment
Thanks Guenter

Hi Guenter, when you download his picture

and drop it in a (new) folder together with the aforesaid dop-file, you will see what I did.

While HSL as a global tool effects the whole picture, I reduced the saturation locally. With control points you can do this quite precisely with little or almost no side effects, and it doesn’t take long.
have fun, Wolfgang (D)

Hi Wolfgang,

thanks for the info. I Take a look at the photo with the LAdj and see what you mean…

best regards