Changing the EXIF

Thanks for your kind offer. If you could tell us what the command lines are for all lensdata that would be great (lens name, focal length, speed).


I will have a look at this and come back when I have the information.


In a quick search, I found an article talking about a Lightroom plugin named LensTagger.
The interesting part is at the bottom of the description page there are screenshots where you can see the Exiftool command for your purpose.

-FNumber ="x"

Where x is the value you would like to write for that field.

PS: Make a test on a copy of your file, not on the original file.

You can try:
exiftool -Lens="MyOwnLens" -FocalLength="75mm" image.arw
That’s it.

To check a file just type
exiftool -g image.arw

-g option will separate informations into groups for a better reading.

If you need more help just ask.

Thanks a million Marc. Very very useful, testing things out now.

These are my findings:

  1. FNumber and FocalLength are correctly transferred to the box with data of the capture.
  2. Two lines above that you normally find the lens data and camera data. It will only list focal length and max aperture not the name of the lens (in spite of inputting that data in Lens, LensInfo and in LensModel)

Cheers, Bob.


Hi Bob,

If you would like more help and maybe find out what’s going on, please send me:

  • a « working » picture
  • a screenshot of the exif you see and would like to have in another picture
  • a picture where you would like to add the camera/lens informations
  • a screenshot with the result of your Exiftool manipulation on this same picture

This way I can see what you expect and try to find out what’s happening.

Please send me a private message with a link from or whatever file sharing you your files.

As the developer of PSU pointed out, camera manufacturers persist in keeping proprietary maker notes (sometimes encrypted!) for basic information like lens model and much more. The result is that anyone who needs to work with that data (including raw developer software and the developer of ExifTool) has to reverse engineer the information. Unfortunately, the manufacturers seem to view proprietary information as a competitive advantage and don’t seem likely to change their behavior in the foreseeable future…

For the above example, ExifTool can read and I’m pretty sure write the four values, but of course they don’t include lens name. The ExifTool forum is an excellent place to pose questions.

Guys, we were closer last year. There was a working command in command line:

I’d love to have a working GUI to change EXIF information in a way that PhotoLab would recognise a lens but a set of clear command line instructions to do the same thing would be a great start. Sigi (innocently) sent us off on a new wild goose chase with PhotoSupreme which advertises EXIF profile change functionality but 1. doesn’t change the data thoroughly enough for PhotoLab, 2. the developer shows little interest in making this improvement.

I got exif editor (apple store) and it works 90%. It will correctly list the focal length and the aperture used. It will not list the name of the lens. It is a neat piece of software for no great cost (12 Euro).

There is better and free: ExifTool multiplateforms.


The only useful tool for me would be one which allows me to change the lens in a way that PhotoLab 2 and 3 recognise the new lens and then save it into the RAW file. I believe Photos EXIF Editor (the one I have) only saves into jpeg. Systweak Photos EXIF Editor was money thrown away and time misinvested.

What is the full name of the EXIF Editor you bought, the name of the publisher please. Could you let us know what its limitations are and if you’ve been able to change a lens with that tool and have PhotoLab recognise the RAW file as shot by that new lens? If so, I have another €12 to spend on a solution to this issue. If not, it’s just more time and trouble for no useful result.

Well actually I got Exif Editor (full name) because it seems to work with Capture One. Do a search in the Apple Store. I am not sure about what ultimately does and does not work. Unfortunately there is no meaningful helpfile that comes with it. So it is not clear what the exact syntax should be of e.g. the name of a lens. But the same problem poses itself with exiftool, I still have to find a clear manual that gives the commands in a simple and clear fashion and the syntax of what you have to fill in. So for the time being all I can do is input focal length and the aperture used. I’ll get back when and if I know more.

Hi Bob,

Did you see my private message about the Exiftool topic ?

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Hi Marc, files sent!


Great. But I will be busy for the next days so it might take some time until I come back with an answer.


So I just succeeded to solves @picman’s problem by editing just these 4 informations with exiftool:


I guess what was missing for it to work before was the -LensInfo="X" option.

Now, I do not say it will be THAT simple in every case since we might find more complicated combinations of informations and I have NO idea what PhotoLab really reads out of our picture files.
But in that particular case, it is working now.

Have a nice day fiddling with your metadata :smiley:


Thanks a million Marc!


You are welcome.
I am glad it worked :smiley:

You saw the DM (direct message) I sent to you, right ?


Hi Marc. I saw the messages and sent an direct reply. Thanks again!

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To Alec Kinnear:
My goodness, what an unfriendly and frankly rude message. Moreover you are completely wrong: there is exactly one app called “Exif Editor”, I even mentioned that that is the full name in my previous message so that there could be no confusion. Is that sufficient for you sir.