Change battery in the camera?

Do anyone know if it is possible to change the integrated battery in the DXO One camera yourself?

I’ve had and enjoyed the camera for a a couple of years and just bought another one on amazon - new unopened - to have as a spare. Unfortunately the Li-Ion battery in the ”new” one I bought just hold a charge for a couple of minutes. I have found out that the battery is of the model 17360 / 750 mAh.

Do anyone know how to open the unit? Please holler back if you do. I´d like to try to change the battery. No problem voiding the guarantee anymore… :wink:

My old (first generation) DXO stills runs perfectly, despite many travels/trips and handling through hot and humid (Hong Kong) and cold and icy (winters here in Sweden).

As long as there are spare batteries still around to buy, most mobile phone shops should be able to manage as a lot of devices have integrated batteries these days.

Check your local area, I am sure you will find someone

Thanks, I’ll consider it if I not find any instructions or tutorial online!

My camera batteries, also want to change, consulting the manufacturer haven’t reply me ~

I find the way~HAHAHA

Please share your solution.


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The shell is plastic, direct apart···