Can't start NIK from PS CC after upgrade

(Craig Schroeder) #1

I get:

It was working fine before the upgrade that recently purchased.

(Pat91) #2


Did you check the settings of this plugin in Preferences | External Editing ? Maybe you could use the Clear button and point again to C:\Program Files\DxO\Nik Collection\Analog Efex Pro 2\Analog Efex Pro 2 (64-Bit)\Analog Efex Pro 2.exe. Or are you using a Mac ?

(Craig Schroeder) #3

I couldn’t find the external editing within the preferences but paged through all of the preference pages. I tweaked a couple of things while in there (seemingly unrelated to this). Suddenly, the linking seemed to work when I tried to start NIK. The pop-up NIK box was always showing but I’d get that error instead of having the software initiate. Anyway, it’s working now for mysterious reasons… Thanks for your response, though!

(Pat91) #4

Sorry, my mistake. I was assuming you were using Lightroom.