Cannot share videos using apple shared albums


(thib-o) #1


Using app/firmware versions 3.2.0 #3225a / 3.2.0 (cf53) I have tried to share videos recorded by the one by 2 means:

  • Direct sharing to a shared album using the DxO One camera app
  • Download the video in photos and upload it from iOS photos

In the first case, the videos are either not uploaded of appear as a blank photo although the software says ‘successfully shared’

In the second case, the video shared does not play the sound, and often appears quite accelerated at the beginning on iOS, or playback blocked on OSX.

(svandenbulcke) #2

Hello thib-o, thank you for your request.

Unfortunately you don’t use the last version of the FW. The correct FW must have the version 3.2.0 (ecef). Please could you update your Application and your Firmware ?

Anyway I did the same scenario like you and I did not have any problem.

Could you provide your iDevice version (iPhone6, iPhone 7 …), and the version of your iOS (10.2 11.1 …) ?
Could you tell me also the duration of your video. and if it is a video from timelapse or not ?
Could you tell me through which application you share your video ( SMS, outlook, gmail … )
Could you confirme the sound of your iPhone was activate ?

about this part “and often appears quite accelerated at the beginning on iOS”, could you confirm it is present when you play back your video on the DxO application or other ?

Best regards

(thib-o) #3

Sorry I missed your answer.

I have upgraded the firmware and am experiencing the same issue with previously recorded videos.

However for newer ones, no matter the upload procedure, I have no sound once shared to Apple Photos shared albums

I am using an iPhone 6s, 11.3.1 15E302
I have had the problem with videos of 0:11 0:13 00:42 and 0:55
The video has been shared using the Apple Photos shared albums
I confirm that the sound is activated, although, Apple photos, as Spotify, Lightroom or MolotovTV plays the sound even if the ringtone is silenced

The quite accelerated issue appears during the playback of the video in the Apple Photos shared libray.

I have created a shared library reproducing the audio problem I can share with you if needed.