Cannot adjust Kelvin in Control Point

I am new to Photolab and am running the latest version on MAC. When using Control Point adjustments, Kelvin and what I assume is Tint, are not available to control. I am sure I am missing something silly. I am editing Fuji RAW but the same occurs with JPGs.



Only avalaible on raw files, I think.

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Hi Ricky and welcome,

WB adjustments should be available in LAs for RAW files but not for RGB files of any type. This is a major complaint of mine. Are you processing your RAWs through some other software before sending them to PL6?


Thanks for the reply. I am opening the files within PL6, and they are Fuji RAW straight from the camera, no other processing. I wonder if this is a limitation with Fuji Raw.

Using Fuji RAW.

It looks like the file I was working with was not RAW, thanks for the help folks.

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