Can you dodge and burn in PL3 or Silver Efex Pro?

In some video tutorials about creating B&W images the instructor, after using PL3 and Sliver Efex Pro, takes the image back into Lightroom or Photoshop for dodging and burning by painting on a layer with a light opacity brush.

It doesn’t appear that’s possible using just PL3 or any of the Nik applications.

Am I wrong here?

Many thanks.

Doge and burn is highlight and shadow control right?
(at least in Silkypix it is.)
DPL’s dodge and burn is Smart lighting.
The local way you talk about is using a more manual way:
Maybe this youtube video helps you a bit

Brush in local adjustment has multistroke painting function.

Yes, that helps a lot. Thanks. The workflow would be different but I might be able to find a way.

I was looking at this video where he starts in Lightroom, goes to Silver Efex Pro and then back to Photoshop for some final dodging and burning.