Bug in Module manager window

I just bought a new second hand lens and was pre-loading the Optics Module (the presence of which was a major factor in my buying decision!) when I noticed something odd.

If I tick the box to show only installed modules, I see pretty much what I expect (one of the lenses — the 50mm — seems to have two different profiles, but let’s leave that aside for now as it could be my fault). But if I then untick the box, none of my modules show as downloaded.

Confirm, I get the same - in DPL 3.2ea1 and in DPL
DPL 2 works as expected.

Retest: Deleted the Modules folder and reloaded the necessary modules, still the bug remains.

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…they seem to be different lenses, at least they bear different names:

  • Pentax HD D FA*…
  • Pentax smc FA…
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Correct — I should clarify. I only have one f/1.4 50mm lens. I’m picking I may have downloaded the wrong one and the PL downloaded the correct one when it needed it. And in case anyone notices, the two 55-300mm lenses are also distinct and I did own both (one replaced the other).

Usually, DPL proposes to download the modules that are needed for the images in the folder you chose to work on. Sometimes, it also proposes modules for combinations that are not needed because metadata are not clear enough: When I use a new lens on an old body, lens data can be fairly vague like using an EF 40 f/2.8 lens on a EOS 5D body, which makes DPL propose a voigtlander lens too.