Bug : green artifacts . PL 4.3.6 build 32, Elite version

I am processing Nikon D750 NEF files , lens =Tamron SP24-70 F2.8 Di VC USD . They are very saturated naturally ( snapshots taken last fall / autumn ).
I can seen green artifacts in PL Customize window, which is not in the Nikon Jpeg file and not in the Jpeg file générated by PL. I could notice that these green artifacts are significantly reduced by switching vigneting Off .
As I said above they can be observed in the custom window ( or the Photolibrary correction preview windown), not the jpeg file generated by photolab.
I am attaching snapshots of an example, where there is a big green spot on the sky. I have also other files, where there are multiple small green spots ( several pixels wide) on the leaves of a red oak .

Hello @jfg and welcome to the forum!

Could you, please, check if you have Highlights/Shadow clipping enabled?

Svetlana G.

Svetlana answered during my preparation :wink:

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Probably highlight clipping warning.
Look at histogram window, there 2 icons below it. One for low light clipping, the other for highlight clipping. You can toggle them on/off.
They are only warnings.

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Thank you very much Svetlana, Pieloe and JoPoV.
You are right, this is the Highlight clipping warning.
This generates another question : would it be possible to make it blinking ? This is what I see on my 2 cameras - Nikon D750, Sony RX100 II - so it seems (almost ?) a standard . On top of that this will better point to small over/under exposed areas .

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