Black lines when printing on Epson XP-15000

Despite following the previous posts on this I am still unable to fix the black line issue through 4x6 prints on an Epson XP-15000. I am using all the latest drivers on Windows 11 and have spent hours trying to eliminate this problem. Is ther anyone who used the XP-15000 who does not experience this problem?

So far I have not experienced that at all on any size of paper. I do wonder if your paper is touching the printhead through being distorted in some way. Other than that I have no idea.

Have you tried printing from other apps?

I’m using this printer, up to A3+ with no black lines. I’m printing from Mac and using the Epson printing app with Ilford profiles. Except it’s excessive ink consumption I’m rather happy with this machine.

I do not have the issue with other apps. My primary app is Lightroom CC which prints fine.

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Could you, please, create a ticket via and your problem will be investigated.

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Svetlana G.

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