Black Friday: Half Price for PhotoLab, NIK and Updates


Because there is no promoting from DxO here, I thought, I would mention it. There is currently a 50% off on everything I have seen:

NIK: 34,99€
PhotoLab 2 Elite (new): 99,99€, PhotoLab 2 Elite (upgrade): 44.99 €
Filmpack 5 Elite: 64,99€
ViewPoint 3: 39,99€


I spoiled myself with a license for Filmpack 5 Elite. :slight_smile:

(Greg) #3

I predict that I will do the same before I go to bed tonight. :smile: I’m easily hooked at these prices. I think I’ll also upgrade to PhotoLab 2 now rather than wait for its promised improvements to be delivered in full. Well played, DxO! Take my money!


I could not stop myself.
I bought a PL Elite as Xmas gift for my brother as well. :slight_smile: