Before/after slider?

Hello guys,

I’ve come across a few videos featuring a draggable slider in the before/after comparison preview, but that just isn’t there on my installation.

Am I missing something here? It has never been there for me. I’ve recently added Filmpack Elite and Viewpoint, so my Photolab is fully ‘stacked’.

I love this feature, but I can’t find a setting or anything anywhere?

kind regards, Frank

Your question prompted me to look for this myself. I found this: Enter full-screen view (F11) and then select the Vertical Screen Preview tool ©. Is that what you were looking for?

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That’s mostly a Mac feature.
when you open local adjustments , then the splitscreen gives this slider also in windows.

Yes indeed in F11 it’s there too.

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Hi all,

Thanks! Yes, that is the feature. Seems strange you don’t have this option in normal editing modes. It should be in my opinion!

But nevertheless, now at least I know how to access it, thanks!

regards, Frank

Hello everybody,

Yes, for now it’s available for Full screen viewer and Local corrections modes.

  • It will be but a bit later :wink:

Svetlana G.

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A Nice! do we get the possibility to choose between splitscreen like now and the slider?

I never knew the split screen was available in Local Corrections. You learn something new everyday. It’s a feature that I will probably use often.


:grin: I’m always ready to help

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