Avatars messed up

(Sigi) #1

the avatars are gone - at least most of them - see screenshot

Screen Shot 2019-02-16 at 16.19.30.pdf (264.6 KB)

This is on Firefox and on Safari

(Peter) #2

yes, ive having the same trouble for an hour.
refreshed browser and did al kind of things bring me a lot of searching login’s :disappointed_relieved: to rebuild my saved bookmarks and such…
now your saying it’s not my pc but something here? :thinking:
cr…p LOL

Owh, problem on firefox and edge.
and only the automated “first character” avatars are messed up not the uploaded one’s from users.

edit 2: one of my other pc’s didn’t have this problem (chrome)
installed chrome on the “problem” pc and also a isue. no default avatars.

Checked in chrome if all image 's are allowed. very strainge.

is is consistant on all three browsers and this is what i see when i try to look at image:

and the flaw:

(Marc) #3


Maybe the admin can reset the forum’s cache to solve the problem ?

(Peter) #4

on my computer or in the actual cache in the forum?

(Svetlana G.) #5

Hello guys,
I see the same issue, so It’s rather the general issue than a PC one. I will send a message to the admin.
Thank you

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(Svetlana G.) #6

Fixed! Please, check.

(Sigi) #7

Works again

(Peter) #8

i will check at home, on this pc it works.
Yes also on my home pc. Thanks.

(Marc) #9

Thank you and the admin, it is fixed now.

Thank you @Sigi for opening the case and @OXiDant for your analyse, this lead me to the “reset cache” idea -maybe it was that-.