Automatic caching of DeepPRIME NR for subsequent processing

Since we all know DeepPRIME is so process intensive and as I understand it, done early in the processing chain why doesn’t fox automatically cache the DeepPRIME analysis for each image either in the background (during idle time) or upon initial export. Store the DeepPRIME intermediate result in the cache and assuming the DeepPRIME parameters are the same for DeepPRIME and the hopefully few steps before DeepPRIME in the process flow then you can simply recall the DeepPRIME result for subsequent exports. It would also be possible to use this cache during the editing process so we can have DeepPRIME NR reduction during editing if the cache has been created.

This would save a lot of time on re-export. Users should be able to manage the cache size so it doesn’t get out of control.

I understand we can also export just DeepPRIME and geometry corrected files and feed them back into DXO but that’s frankly an unnecessary step and then I have two sets of edit files or sidecars to manage if I were to have to resurrect a project.

Nice suggestion, I am wholly on board with this one :slight_smile:

This is a good example of my general comments in other threads about the need for PhotoLab to perform “intelligent caching” to help improve its performance.

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