Auto-rotation as in Lightroom?


is there an option to auto-rotate a raw file automatically, e.g. to get a “horizontal horizont”? :wink:

Lightroom has such a feature:

Simulation of the result:

Thanks a lot!

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Welcome to PhotoLab, weschtl. Here in the info you are looking for:

The palette is called Horizon. There’s an auto magic wand next to it. If it doesn’t work, you can set a straight line manually. Works like Lightroom except better.

There’s a gentleman here by the name of @Pieloe who has created a whole series of free tutorial documents for PhotoLab in English and French are worth reading for new users (I read them and they helped me get my sea legs.).

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Indeed :innocent:

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Thanks for your FAST and HELPFUL reply!
Searched & found:

Therefore I will give DXO a try :slight_smile:

… because (our licensed) ACDSee Pro 2019 seems not to have such a feature which would be very useful for me (as first step for editing hundreds of RAW/DNG files).


Wonderful result of my first try with a test photo – but maybe with a too easy starting basis for the horizon option :wink:

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