Artificial bokeh


I wish there’d be a functionality which would be able to increase the unsharpness of areas in the picture which are alreaedy not perfectly sharp. This would allow to create a - sort of - fullframe look from smaller format cams such as APS-C or e.g. make a f2.8 shot look like a f1.4 one. The tools and APIs should already be available in the Software.

I know, there is already the possibility to unsharpen but this is per area/Function Point and not resulting to the same look as what is suggested here.

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Have you tried Local Adjustments? Put a control point on an area you want blurred and and create a mask, then adjust the Sharpness slider to your taste.


Yes but as descrined, that’s not the same. This would be the iphone way :wink:

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If you have FilmPack (which then integrates with PhotoLab) then you can achieve exactly what you describe using the Blur tool … it works a bit like applying a vignette, but blurs/defocuses a portion of the image.



Hi John,

thanks for the advice, I already use this for certain pics but it is not the same compared to what I mean and leads to different results: you can either blur from a dedicated and movable point in the picture (“centre”) and the farther away from it the blurier it gets (Blur Vignette). Or there is the Softfocus Option to soften the entire picture to a certain degree and with some fancy options. And the latter could be the basis of what I mean: Add an option called “leave sharp areas untouched” so that in a portrait the eye-brow and the eye-ball as well as some hairs which are perfectly sharp remain perfectly sharp, wherever in the picture they are.

Thanks again and kind regards

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Hi Vanessa, what’s your point repeating my statement?