Apply additional local adjustment preset without deleting existing local adjustments

yes i was afraid it was working like that. But i hoped it could work. it works as multi editing stage “preset” see my other post.

Thank you for the videos! I agree that having 3 local adjustments isn’t distracting, but here is an example of 7 (all turned off), but appear as soon “local adjustments” is clicked. I personally find that distracting and that only includes the basics (skin, eye, teeth, recover shadows, recover highlights, brighten & darken).

To clean up that mess, I moved the brushes to the side and kept the CP on the face.

It looks better, but when I move the brush circle from the side to the face it crashes PL. If you have time, can you move your local adjustments around the lady’s face to see if it crashes? I’m not sure if it matters, but I have changed exposure, micro-contrast and shadows on my local adjustment. I also moved the point rather quickly initially and then slowed down when I reached my target area. It only crashes about 20-30 seconds of moving around.

That works but you can only paste 1 time. After that local adjustments have to be added manually because additional pasting will delete all previous adjustments.

Thanks for clarifying that, I had not tested it before.

Ok let me see if i understand what your problem is.
1 when you in local adjustment changing settings THEN only THEN the markers are distracting and blocking your view on the image
2 so you move the markers to the side, which causes that your need to replace them at the end of the editing back to the original place. (a specialy with colorsensitive selectiveness of controlpoints and automask NOT a great way to work.

So what you really like to have is a “single marker” work flow.
ok i made a busy scene:
clip (i used the desaturation and exposurelevel technique to select in automask.)

So you don’t like the “blue fields” messing about when you move around your targetpoint right?
That can’t be changed i think except hide and unhide button does also show and hide the masking blue.
(which also hide and unhide the effects you made in the image and because edits are stacked you need the effects but not the mask visible. Right?)
move around means hide and then unhide to see the effects.

(i didnt had a system crash, probaly a cach issue?) processing power of the video card, i installed a better card and it’s much smoother then it was before much less “wait i am calculating” blur.)

also watch your memory filling: in task manager.

Thanks, right now my system doesn’t crash if I keep the local adjustments deactivated while moving them. It does require an extra key stroke back to the LA palette, but that appears to be the best workaround right now.