Anyone else experiencing problem with Photolab 6 on PC with Intel Arc graphics?

I am not able to use neither of the DeepPRIME options in my Photolab 6 now. The application just shuts down when I even just go to the Detail tab and click on DeePRIME.

The readme files for the last several releases of the Arc drivers seem to indicate an on-going problem with DirectX calls as well as anything having to do with high-res rendering. Only thing I can suggest is to make an effort to always download and update to the latest drivers available.

This link should help. You will also want to make sure you are on the latest Intel cpu and chipset drivers.

Thanks, I am on latest intel driver.

So basically this is a problem with Intel, not DxO software?

Not saying that.

Saying that there is enough documentation in the Intel driver readme notes to indicate an on-going series of known problems that may be the cause of your problems with an Arc-based GPU.

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