Any expected update for Leica M10-R

Will there be any update for the Leica M10-R ?
After buying the software I discovered that Pure Raw does not support my camera.

DXO has not responded to my inquiry regarding this either.
Does anyone know anything?
Thank you in advance !

Welcome. I’m sorry to hear you ran into this problem. DXO staff are usually pretty responsive on this site. I am surprised you didn’t discover that your camera wasn’t supported during the free trial.of PureRAW, but I can see that happening when multiple cameras are owned and aren’t all tested. Hopefully you will be able to get this resolved.


Hi Mark.
Thanks for your reply.
I bought and downloaded the full version right away. I did not think that such an expensive software had reservations from some cameras.

And the Leica M10-R is a good and well-known camera, even though it is quite new on the market.

How to solve this is not up to me. But that there will be software updates for the cameras that have not yet been listed, I take for granted.


When contemplating the purchase of any software you have never used, it is always a good idea to download the free trial first and test it before buying.

I do not know if your camera is on DXO’s current road map or when it might be supported. However I do believe there will be some camera support updates in early June.


Marie, from DxO, has said in this forum thread:

that DxO wants to support the camera as soon as they can get access to a camera to do the necessary testing. A number of us, me included, are looking forward to the support. I love DxO RAW processing, But camera support is very necessary.