Android 1.1: New features and enhancements released today on Play Store!


(plecourieux) #1

We are pleased to announce some new features and enhancements released with the latest version:

  • A timer (2s and 10s) is now available in the capture settings menu. It postpones the capture for a designated amount of time after the shutter is pressed.
  • Short timer is used to make sure the camera is steady during the shot to avoid motion blur, especially for close-up work or low light photography.
  • Long timer is helpful for self-portrait and group shots.
  • Orientation detection allows to correctly display portrait images in full screen or thumbnail in the gallery.
  • The app manages to turn the field of view and the captured image when you connect the camera upside down for a capture in selfie mode for example.

To benefit from these improvements, once the new version of the app is installed, don’t forget to update your camera device in Gallery> Menu> Update.

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