All my posts still need approval even though you say it has been fixed

After three years all my posts still need to be approved! Please fix this as it takes too long to interact and is rediculous after so many years.

Hello @KeithRJ,

Try now, please.

Svetlana G.

After more than TEN years, I now find that my my posts need to be approved! It never used to be this way.

Good morning,

  • It’s impossible - you joined the Forum on the 6th of June and here is your stats:

So according to you activity the forum system still thinks your posts need to be approved.

Svetlana G.

This is to test if my posts no longer need approval.

Looks good. Many thanks Svetlana.

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Thank you for your reply.

Actually I first bought DXO software in 2006! So that is over 14 years ago.

From my records: Order #DL21434 Jan 26 2006

The oldest record in my account says: 15/12/2009 DT115895

I have made a number of posts over the years, beginning in 2006, so that is why I find it odd that I need approval to post.

Apparently, at one point, maybe you changed the way we sign-in to the forum. I guess I have not posted many things since then so you think I am a new member, whereas in reality I am one of your oldest and most faithful users of DXO.

I would appreciate it if you unblock my account so that I may post without approval. I enjoy reading the forum frequently; and contributing from time to time. Frankly, not too many problems arise these days with DXO PL so my need to gather information from the forum has decreased over the years.



Dear @richsfusa,

I appreciate your being so faithful user for years. But it’s not me but the forum requirements. Probably, you were registered on the old site but this one is rather young and the system tracks your activity since your date of registration here. So as soon as the number of posts and replies will get the trustful level the moderation will be automatically removed.

Svetlana G.

The old site started to go into disuse close to 3 years ago and this current site started to become the primary user site. I was a member of the old site as well for months, and joined this current site in May of 2018.

With the new site you are effectively starting over even though you have been a DXO user for quite a long time. This happens very often when companies move their user sites to a different software platform. It is often very difficult or impossible to move content and user profiles from an old site to a new one. .


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