All dop files not removed when deleting in program

(Svetlana G.) #8

Okay, thank you

(Bob Koure) #9

It’s a windows file. Here’s an in-Windows fix for cleaning up orphan files.
In a .CMD file, the line
for /r %%i in (.dop) do if not exist %%~dpni ren “%%i”
or in a command window, the line
for /r %i in (
.dop) do if not exist %~dpni ren “%i”
will recursively walk directories, matching .DOP files with their conterpart. If there’s no counterpart, it’ll rename those ‘orphan’ DOP files to

You can then search for *.xxx in Windows File Manager and delete or move them.
You could delete instead of renaming, but I’m a bit shy of posting any command line stuff that deletes files or folders.
If you don’t want it to recursively walk the folder tree, remove the ‘/r’.

BTW, if you are culling photos in PL/PL2, I’d suggest you instead use FastRawViewer for that task. It’s inexpensive, blazingly fast (not just because that’s their focus. but they’re not doing all the things that PL does).
I use it to cull out photos in which I’ve missed focus or blown highlights, and it (ahem!) allows me to view files with '‘auto’ WB even if I didn’t have the camera set that way.

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@bobkoure, you need to format code snippets as preformatted text in this forum otherwise it cripples quotation marks and * wildcards.

Besides, how does if not exist %~dpni distinguish dop files from image files (jpg jpeg cr2 cr3 nef arw…)

As far as I see, your example won’t work.

(John Barrett) #11

Thanks, I have got used to doing a search after each session now. Its something they should sort as when I went back over my folders I found this had been happening for 4-5 years. To just try blaming windows was a bit much as I have a number of programs that use this function and haven’t any others only partly removing there files.

(Bob Koure) #12

you need to format code snippets as preformatted text in this forum otherwise it cripples quotation marks and * wildcards.

OK, hadn’t realized that code blocks work on this forum. Here it is again.

for /r %%i in ( *.dop) do if not exist %%~dpni ren “%%i”

or in a command window, the line

for /r %i in (* .dop) do if not exist %~dpni ren “%i”

Besides, how does if not exist %~dpni distinguish dop files from image files (jpg jpeg cr2 cr3 nef arw…)

Look at how DOP files are named [image filename].[image extention].DOP.

As far as I see, your example won’t work.

It won’t without asterisks. Quotes are only important if filepath has spaces in it.
I normally do this kind of cleanup in Python, figured that’d leave folks in the dust (step1: install Python…) So I whipped this up - and tested it it - worked fine

(Melbourne, Australia) #13

That’s a nifty bit of syntax, Bob !

To make it a bit more robust (to handle the case of spaces in pathnames), I found it necessary to enclose the subject of the ren(ame) within quotes … ie:

John M

New search feature in PhotoLab 2
(Melbourne, Australia) #14

Follow-up: Hey @bobkoure - - Thanks again for your nifty little piece of code … I’m now using it on a regular basis … MUCH easier and faster then the method I was previously using :+1::clap::+1:

@CaptainPO: Perhaps such a feature could be included in the File-menu … to clean-up orphaned sidecar files (?)

Regards, John M

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(CaptainPO) #15

@John-M => We have to implement a set of tools regarding the managing of the database and such, it could indeed be part of that as well.

Best regards,

(John Barrett) #16

This is an improvement on support just blaming the failure to remove all dop’s on windows. But better improve the programing so all dop’s are removed when images are deleted in the program!

(PhilippeC) #17

No update on this one since Nov 2018 :thinking:?

This looks pretty much similar as a bug I reported some years ago, which could not be reproduced by the DxO team unfortunatelly.

(Svetlana G.) #18

Hello @PhilippeC,

Actually we are working on some stories connecting a more smart way of the sidecar creation/moderation and the issue you described can be fixed as a side effect. So, please, wait a bit and you will test a new behavior.

Thank you for the patience,
Svetlana G.

(Leon) #19

In Windows it is easy to find all the dop files. Just open the folder in Explorer (the top level photo one for example) and use the search box to type in *.dop and all will be listed after a while. You can them delete them all if you wish.

(John Barrett) #20

Thanks but its just the ones left when deleting images in OP where OP failes, at times, to remove the dop’s.

(Svetlana G.) #21

Hello guys,

As we are investigating this problem and still unsuccessful in reproducing the issue :sob: , we need your help.
1 - Does anyone else experience the same problem as @John7 ?
2 - If yes, could you, please, describe in details your workflow and provide us with the logs? (and leave us the message with the name of the folders where the files were not properly deleted)

Thank you for your help,
Svetlana G.

(PhilippeC) #22

Hello Svetlana,
I think I have been the first to report this issue already in Optics Pro … some 4 years ago (at least), you may find one of my bug report in the archives :-).
I have still experienced the problem last month with PhotoLab 2.2.1.

The problem is that this is not really reproducible (or at least I didn’t found the way to do it). What I am quite sure, is that this occurs after a while when you have made quite some consecutive image changes in the same folder.

(John Barrett) #23

Its very difficult to see why it happens some times but usually not occurring. I went over my old folders (and my wife’s) and both of us had some in odd folders going back as long as we have been using the programs. This year in many folders I have had it 3-4 times only and one folder had a lot of left behind dop’s but I could think of no reason why. Given we both (and others) find them its odd support havn’t found it on checking there folders even if not as a result of testing for it.

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(Svetlana G.) #24

Hello guys,

Thank you for the feedback.

And this is the main problem for us as well. We did hundreds scenario and with no success :frowning: . So, we put the issue on hold and will be waiting the help from you. Please, as soon as you face it, stop your work and collect the logs or even better the dump and provide us with them.

Thank you,
Svetlana G.

(John Barrett) #25

Had it again, gave up over an hr trying to sending logs to support on the open ticket. It kept crashing or saying timed out!
After wasting time again have sent them via Firefox send and sent the one day link to support on the open ticket Request #155132.
Flow was edit, export to ssd, review and delete unwanted images. 5 removed and 2 dop’s left behind.

(Svetlana G.) #26

Thank you, got your logs.

Svetlana G.

(John Barrett) #27

Have been asked by support to send them again on another DXO file system. I have done this, its a pity support can’t have just one way of uploading files that WORK’S rather than having one that doesn’t and one that does, I hope.
The 2nd upload program uses flash which is either not on or blocked on all my browsers but IE. It sort of ran in Firefox (after I gave permittion) but I think Firefox blocked it from sending…