Affinity Photo format

Any chance of being able to read Affinity Photo format?


Hello @shrey,

Could you, please, clarify what format you are talking about?

Svetlana G.

Sorry. I should have been clearer.

I use Affinity Photo to ‘finish’ my photos, like I used to use Photoshop.

It would be good if I can view/edit Affinity Photo files like I can with Tiff or JPEG.

I hope that clears things up.


Hello Shrey,

I assume you mean “afphoto” - correct?


You can generate TIFF or JPG files with Affinity as with Photoshop.
But you won’t be able to open afphoto files which are Affinity work files, this is also the case with Photoshop files PSD.




True. It is what I normally do. But it would nice to see at least the thumbnail so I know what photo it is.

In which case, why would you not “develop” your photos using PhotoLab (and, thereby, take advantage of the best available RAW processor) - and then pass a 16bit TIFF to Affinity to finish them off (?)

John M

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Which is what I do.

When I take photos of exotic cars at night, I light paint them, using multiple shots with a strobe. I develop the individual photos in DXO then export them as Tiff to Affinity where I would blend them. This ends up creating files which could end up being over 1GB in size. Therefore, just being able to see the thumbnails without having to open the files would be great.

Would it not be easier to simply use Win Explorer or Finder? Using it on a PC, Win Explorer generates a thumbnail jpeg. I presume Mac does the same?

True and I do that as well. But it would be nice to least see the thumbnails instead of a question mark. Jumping back between Finder and DXO is a bit of a pain just to find what I’m looking for.

BTW. I’ve been working the computer industry as a software engineer (a posh way of saying programmer!) for 40 years. Photography has become my new vocation, being a hobbiest for most of those 40 years.

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I guess the problem is that interim formats work at the whim of the company while standards give DxO to work with for tiff, jpg etc.

There are also rather a lot of interim formats around. A lot of work to invest in something that isn’t a recognised standard?

Beside I don’t know if PL can handle that big files, PL will be the last program I would use just to see thumbnails. Irfanview has a big thumbnail window, much better and much faster and much more flexible.