Affinity Photo & DXO PL

I’ll upload a non-edited RAW image and my result from PL3/4 in short notice.
Rather curious knowing your advise on this result. This though with personal taste in mind.

Hello cohen5538 and John,

Many thanks for your reply. Appreciated my end.
Gives me some better clue on how to proceed accordingly.
PL3 (in a short while PL4 so I reckon :slight_smile:) has caught me as No. 1 RAW editor.
Again, I’m a novice when it comes to photo editing, learning along the way.
PL3/4 has what it takes for me. Was thinking you guys doing a lot more in AP afterwards.
This seems not tot be the case here. As so, I shall continue focusing on PL3/4 for this time being.

Again, many thanks to both of you.

This DxO Forum is quite informal en constructive.
I reckon staying here myself for a longer time now.

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