Adjusting sky colours

Hello Michael,

Nik works fine with 16 bit tiffs

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I second that.

Mandarin, can you share the picture. I would like to have a try. Usually it is not “fiddly” at all to work with NIK

Hi Michael/@mandarin - -

What @Sigi means by this is that you can process your RAW file in PL - completing all your basic corrections & improvements, etc - then, to finish off with specific tweaking you can “Export to Application” from PL, using 16 bit TIFF as the intermediary file.

There are some excellent filters/tools in Nik’s Color Efex Pro application … See here for my “cheat sheet” on what works best, by intended purpose. ColorEfexPro_Filters(byPurpose).pdf (59.8 KB)

Then, when you’ve finished in Nik you can save the file and re-open it with PhotoLab for “Export to Disk” in the format and manner you prefer (eg. with sharpening, at specific size, etc).

Regards, John M

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As requested I’m attaching a jpg of the image. the blue sky is what is causing the problems not getting a blue enough change. Rest of the photo i can change fine.

There is not much blue in the sky and I found that other editors can handle this better than DPL.

Anyway, masking the blue part in local correction is probably the most promising approach.

Thanks - do you also have it in Raw?

RAW FileDSC01346.ARW (19.8 MB)

Just 2 quick versions based on the jpg. I assume in RAW you could do more

What ideally i’m trying for sky wise is to darken just the band across the picture rather than add a complete blue sky effect.

The whole sky, everything above the sea, correct

Just the blue sky about third way down the sky, narrow strip runs across most of picture.

That is my first picture. There is not much blue in the sky in the first place and I just worked on those few patches. As said, I guess in Raw you could get more out of it

Here is one more version done from raw:

and the sidecar (from MAC)
DSC01346.ARW.dop (10.7 KB)

My intention was NOT to paint the sky over in blue but to give the colours more punch. Most of it was done with the gradient tool, which lends itself well for this image with its middle that serves as a transient area for both fore- and background corrections. For the sky, I dragged the gradient from the horizon to just over the line of shrubs in the middle. A second gradient was done from below (shrubs to horizon). My personal taste would reduce the foreground structure a little bit.

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Here is my version from the raw

with the sidecar from Mac:
DSC01346.ARW.dop (10.5 KB)


Thanks @platypus and @Pathal

Both very helpful especially with dop files to see what you did. Excellent Work

you’re welcome

I hope I’m not late :slight_smile:
My version.
I went to get somme blue tones in a dark atmosphere.

DSC01346.ARW.dop (101,1 Ko)


I used 2 gradients on this to get the effect. Not convinced I have done a great job though!

DSC01346.ARW.dop (8.4 KB)


My version based on the Raw

I took the version from platyplus as a base:)