Adjust crop causes very long delay while preview is rebuilt

Whenever I want to adjust my crop I have to wait for a new preview to be built before being able to make adjustments. This is most inconvenient and specially if done right after the initial crop where the crop is displayed but you have to wait up to 10 seconds for the image to appear.

Hi Keith,

just tested and can’t confirm that behavior for my Windows system.
Choosing a picture from the strip, select crop tool and can crop within a second.

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Crop in all kinds of version snappy as always, no time delay, not even a second in my case. EA5

Strange, because this happens on two laptops. Maybe not the highest specs but still perfect for all other editing.

It is instantaneous on my aging Windows 10 desktop. Perhaps you could explicitly take us through the steps that lead to the issue. Maybe we are misunderstanding exactly what you are trying to do. How old are the laptops? What processors and how much memory?


To clarify, I crop my image and then close the crop tool. I then reopen the crop tool and this is when I have to wait for a full preview to appear before I see the image to perform the crop. The crop box is there but no image to see what I want to crop.

Hmm. How big are your raw files? Were there already a lot of edits performed on this image?


tried it with nef, nrw and orf up to 30 MP…still one second max.

I normal crop as my first edit. I have 32.5mp files from my Canon m6 mk ii but my other 24mp files also exhibit this behaviour.

@KeithRJ …what’s your hardware specs?
I still can not get delays over 1 second and my hardware is about 7 to 9 years old.

My laptop is about 2-3 years old and is an eighth gen i7 with 16gb RAM and SSD, so not exactly a slow laptop.

There could be other edits that is slowing down the preview so need to do some testing to see where the slowdown occurs.

This doesn’t happen on either of my PCs, desktop and laptop. Both are Win 10, i7, 16 or 32Gb RAM, running PL3.2 and 3.3. I have checked this on images stored on the internal SSD, on an external USB3 4TB drive, and on my NAS drive. All crops are instantaneous.

Hi @KeithRJ ,

sounds very curious. Do you have the time delay only with cropping, or also with other functions?

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