Adding / importing additional textures for Frames

(glen) #1

Im new to DXO. Is it possible to add/import additional textures? The film strip frame textures are limiting and would look repetitive in some case for a photo book i’m making,

Hope to hear back from someone before my demo time runs out.


(glen) #2


Me again. Just checking if anyone can help with my query. I’ll probably buy the software after using the trial but would love to know if this is possible.


(Melbourne, Australia) #3

Hi Glen,

I presume you’re referring to the Frame “types” - eg. White, Glass, Old paper, etc.

Assuming so - I am not aware of any ability to add/import new textures/types … but, I agree it would be handy to be able to do so.

John M

(glen) #4

Hi John,
Thanks for getting back to me.

Guess I hadn’t thought of importing new Frame types it was more the textures that reside in them.

I really like some of the texture frames but worry people will see the repetition of some of them in my book