Add watermarks to exported photos

I’ve settled on Irfanview to add a copyright water mark to my PL images. Irfanview doesn’t alter the EXIF data the way Zoner ZPS-X does. I tried LR but absolutely hated the damn DAM, way too much complication for me.


Kokofresha, you seem like a reasonable and realistic user, not expecting PhotoLab to beat PhotoMechanic/iMatch/FastRawViewer, then Photoshop/Affinity Photo/GIMP and then print production software. Adding a dedicated resizing tool and web prep tool is the same thing. Everyone’s tastes differ and there are so many excellent resizing/watermarking tools out there. I’d hate to see development resources which could go to improving the RAW development tools (which are unique and best of category) spent on this kind of fluff.

DxO has to choose and hence so do we: we can’t have everything. That said, Watermarks is a popular request and a lot easier to implement than DAM (about 1000x easier) so if simple watermarks appear without turning into its own high maintenance best of category mega-project, it wouldn’t bother me at all.


Hello guys,

Watermark is already in the backlog so sooner or later it will be implemented (in the priority order). So let me close the request and free your votes.

Thank you,
Svetlana G.