Add watermarks to exported photos


I do no need this feature, but I read many requests for it from other people. So I have created a voteable topic for it. The request is to add a possibility to apply a watermark during export, so that no additional software is needed to watermark photos before they can be published.

(Mark) #2

I can definitely understand why this might be an important feature to many people, but like you, I have no personal need for it.


(Marc) #3

It is not urgent but yes, it would be nice one day.
If I can choose in which corner of the frame and how many pixels from the borders, plus rotation, I will be happy :sunglasses:

(Melbourne, Australia) #4

In the meantime, Irfan Viewer (free for non-commercial usage) can do this for you;
John M

(Stefan Goldkuhle) #5

Hi John,
great idea. I’m using Irfan View for several years, but never ever thought, that watermarks can be added within this great program (and still searching for a watermark-program, too…until now).
Sometimes, it’s so simple.

(Marc) #6

Thank you John.
I am using Retrobatch -macOS only-
Rotation is missing. I had to do it in my watermark file.

The thing is, to add a watermark on a jpg we will lose quality, aren’t we ?
I guess it is better to work on TIFF only and convert after.
So the best quality/less work solution is really when it is integrated to Photolab ?
Am I right on this ?


I will be happy if I can add a logo to PhotoLab. That would make me more effective. It would be good if you could use image files that support transparency.

Коко :slight_smile:

(Bob Murden) #8

Definately a watermark feature for me. Make it so you can slide it around the image so you can choose to set it in a location where it would be almost impossible to clone out or on a plain section to maintain visibility of your work. Also use the export box to toggle the watermark on/off and give the choice of exporting both versions.

(Larry McWhorter) #9

I use Zoner ZPS-X to add a copyright to my DXO PhotoLab JPEG exports the addition is handled as a layer and does not (as far as I know) degrade the image quality. What ZPS-X does do is write itself into the metadata as the development software which I don’t really like. I might just give Irfan View a look.