Add an option to output without sharpening but with lens correction

This one addition would make PureRaw work on many more of my images. I often don’t want the default sharpening. It has been mentioned in many posts that strong sharpening at the beginning of the workflow (particularly if significant adjustments will be made later) is not good.

I saw a post yesterday that told me how to turn off BOTH lens correction and sharpening. This allows me to output a de-noised file that matches CaptureOne’s output exactly. Now if needed I can output both the PureRaw de-noised version and the best de-noise I can figure out in CaptureOne and layer the two files in Photoshop.

However, sometimes an image needs, or is improved by, the lens correction. If I was able to output with lens correction but without sharpening this would work for many images, and I could even output separate files with lens correction, but with and without sharpening and blend them in Photoshop.

No need for complicated sharpening options IMHO. Just lens correction with and without sharpening. All using Deep Prime of course.


I support this request. I agree no need for full control of sharpening as PL4 has, just the ability to disable it would be adequate.

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I too support this request.

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Couldn’t agree more. I’m trying to use PureRAW on DJI drone files, but once they’re processed (without sharpening+corrections) Capture One no longer applies the embedded lens correction from the file.

So I have a choice between nice details but distorted edges, or corrected distortion but horrible oversharpening. The perfect balance is DeepPRIME for noise reduction and then C1’s sharpening, but that’s a no-go currently.

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I 100% percent concur. I would have expected for DxO to understand that. How soon can this adjustment be made to PureRAW?

I’d like the same workflow with pureraw and C1. It would very appreciated.