Accept universal DNG files exported by Adobe DNG converter ( Photolab and PureRAW )

Adobe’s DNG converter is presented as " …The Adobe DNG Converter, a free utility that converts files from more than 350 cameras to DNG, enables you to easily convert camera-specific raw files to a more universal DNG raw file."

ref : Adobe Digital Converter

If DXO Photolab and PureRAW accept all DNG files exported by Adobe’s converter, then DXO becomes usable on a wide variety of cameras.


There are several threads asking for full DNG support by DxO. At the moment DxO only support a subset of DNG if it has come from a camera specifically supported by DxO. So if the DNG is from a camera or scanner, or generated by Lightroom without the profile of a Camera DxO supports then PhotoLand won’t read it. A pity. Untill it does the organisations I work with won’t be moving to PL 6. We have older versions.

The worst of it is, for example, if you modify the Exif code of a samsung DNG file and you replace it by a supported Apple iPhone, then DXO Photolab accepts the DNG file and works very well, including DeepPrime !

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A minimal amount of support is easily feasible by DXO ! Who cares if the lens is not perfectly characterized ? DxO Photolab already supports camera-lens combinations where there is no lens data for full support.

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