About FilmPack 6

Do you plan something for FilmPack 6 ?
I have not any request but some ask me on the social media.
Like every new Nik upgrade the DxO bashing runs hard … :frowning:


It is the consequence of Google making the software free and DxO (understandably) charging for it. I guess part of the complains that relate to “it used to be free” will never recede. Yes, it used to be free, but it also wasn’t developed.

One recommendation I have for @sgospodarenko and the team is to offer a grace mode of at least 30-days and maybe 60-days.

Offering a free upgrade of only 10-days seem to be very customer unfriendly from my point of view. 30-days seems to be the industry standard.

I know it will cost more money but people who are hit by this will likely walk away and never return, resulting in DxO losing money at the end and damaging their reputation. Yes, some people will also complain with 30-day grace period but at least that is the more or less universal grace period in the software industry.