Ability to Add Vignette

The ability to add a vignette would be much appreciated. There is already a vignette tool, but it only removes, and doesn’t let you add vignettes. I understand that many people considered vignettes as an optical flaw, but there are also many of us who purposely like to add a vignette to draw attention to our subjects.

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What you want is already available but you must purchase a license for DXO’s FilmPack 5 to access it . The license gives you a stand alone version of FilmPack 5 and also unhides the FilmPack features built into PhotoLab. One of those features is Creative Vignetting. I strongly recommend the Elite version of FilmPack 5.



you can use this preset if you don’t have filmpack 5.
partial gradient vignetting.preset (1,9 KB)
(there is blur in locals third menu header)
you can do light, color and blur vignetting :wink:


Hi Peter,

The preset is nice if you have no other options but the functionality it provides is of course limited. Creative Vignetting allows you to do things like lighten the corners and change the shape of the vignette, the center point and the transition.


Here is one example.

Original Edited image

With Creative Vignetting added.

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I know, i build it for the sake of is it possible to create a FilmPack like creative vignetting.
It’s mostly usable for blurring and desaturating corners as creative effect.


If using Nik Collection >> Color Efex, check out for ‘Darken / Lighten Center’ – my favorite. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


It looks as if the Film pack is the (expensive) way to go. I seem to be using vignetting for a different purpose to some others. An old pro trick for increasing the apparent clarity of a print is to subtly darken the edges of the frame. This is readily available in Lightroom and should be a standard feature of processing software.

In PL5 you can try this

shown here in mask view

  • set a really big Control Point and reverse it
  • pull Chroma / Luma slider all to the left
    (turns the control point into a circular radiant filter)
  • adjust Opacity, Exposure, Control Point size to taste

resulting in a very soft vignette (closer to CEP4 / DLC than FP’s Creative Vignetting PlugIn).

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