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Hello there

As I said in my new coming post (which may not have been posted in the right place?), I only use PhotoLab for a little over a month. As long as I am still informing myself, I can not really contribute to this forum.

At the moment, I can’t criticize anything in the program. I was surprised and convinced by the ’ automatic ’ interventions of PhotoLab on the images, as well as by the quality of the possibilities offered for the personal corrections.

Later, I think I should also speak about the recent update (PhotoLab 2).


This might help - in case you have not seen it yet:




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Thank you @Sigi , it’s really a good suggestion for @apaulus

Svetlana G.

Thank you.
It’s one of the first things I’ve seen and read. This is interesting because it goes beyond the “official” manual.


If you got PL less than a month ago, check to see if PL2 is available to you for free.
Yes, it’s an improvement, albeit not a huge one. But any follow-on improvements DxO makes are going to be point releases for that version, not v1. (major reason I upgraded, well, and supporting DxO)

No problem.
I had the Demo version of PL (1) for almost a month and I bought the license a few days before the release of PL 2 (without knowing anything of this new version).
But a few days later - without intervention on my part - DxO sent me the key to PL2!