A big problem out of the blue......... Photolab 5

Firstly, let me say how amazed and happy I have been with Photolab5 Elite - let’s just get that out of the way first. I trialed 5 different products and this was head a shoulders above the others.

So I am processing some new RAW files from a Canon 7D mk2 / 90mm Tamron Macro - and as usual, no problems. Then I go to use Deep Prime and it cycles, just hangs, the magnifier box can be moved but the magnification screen does not change. I have already done 3 files, all virtually identical images. Then suddenly bang!

I have tried other images, the same thing happens. It suddenly feels glitchy. I have looked at task manager, it is only using 30% of CPU, everything else combined is using just 5%. All the processes put together are only using 38% of RAM.

I thought originally that this was caused by me processing the images on the SD card but the same thing happens off the hard drive. It is basically unusable. I have added no software to the PC, there have been no other changes. Running Win 10, up to date.

I need to get this moving quickly, I am looking at a few hundred images that I need to process over the next week.

Yours, Gareth

Welcome, Gareth. More information would be helpful. What video card do you use? Is PhotoLab set up to use it for DeepPRIME? (Settings menu) Are you exporting an image at the time the viewer and loupe stop working correctly, or are you simply selecting DeepPRIME noise reduction? Are your drivers updated?

Egregius’s question “Are you exporting an image at the time the viewer and loupe stop working correctly?” is very much worth looking at. If I’m exporting images with Prime or DeepPrime noise reduction, I pretty much can’t do anything else with Photolab while that process is going on, because the noise reduction is very processing-hungry. A more powerful computer might manage it but mine certainly won’t.

Hi Greg
Firstly, I should point out that I literally processed one image, moved to the next one and it wouldn’t work. So settings and the type of video card I use doesn’t really come into it. The setting were not changed and the video card is working fine.
I have just copied and pasted the cr2 RAW files into another folder. I have then managed to process them all as normal, so it appears there was some sort of corruption. It appears that the cr2 file is unscathed.
Anyway, if other people have a similar problem, it might be worthwhile trying this.
Thanks, Gareth

Apologies guys. It is taking days to get posts authorised. Glad that I have resolved the matter, glad that the software works better than the moderation on the forum.

The delay is a built in part of the processs for new users. I’m not sure exactly how many days it lasts.


@mwsilvers I think it lasts until you’ve read enough posts to become a “Basic User”. I’m not sure how many posts that entails.

@Gareth Would you mind telling us what the solution was, for the benefit of anyone else that is experiencing the same problem?

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