4k promise broken by DXO

(Gregory Kelly) #1

upgraded with assurance that 4k was being worked on guess it was a lie. Wasted my money, my old nik version worked just exactly the same. Disappointed!

(Alec Kinnear) #2

Totally agree. This kind of basic usability fix (working interface for 4K monitors, hardware acceleration for high DPI graphics) should be prioritised by DxO as it makes the software unusable for customers working on contemporary hardware.

(Stephen Cupp) #3

Well it’s not a lie, but a paid upgrade instead.

(Sam Warren) #4

I too was told A YEAR AGO that high DPI would supported. Well it never was. So I CAN upgrade to the latest version for a discount, BUT Affinity products are no longer supported. I see no reason to upgrade at this point since I also have PhotoLab 2.

(Pascal) #5

Are you sure ?
Try it :wink:

(Sam Warren) #6

I did try it. Latest Affinity Photo Mac 1.7.0. The Nik Plugins 2.0 installer does not see it as a valid application for installation. Also checked the serif site. The official answer is “check with DXO”. So I am going with no, it does not work.

(Sam Warren) #7

I digress some. My high DPI issue was under Windows 10, not Mac. DXO makes no mention of 2.0 working with Affinity. Checked the FAQs, nada.

(Sigi) #8

I just installed the latest Affinity update for Mac - 1.7 and Nik works. The colors in Vivzea are not perfect yet in the plugin but this issue is known